FAITH CAPSULE: Do you have the desire not to be a failure in the journey of life before God?

Hebrews 3

As an acclaimed believer of God’s word, are you reading to study the word of God; to become one which the word of God can be read in you as a true believer of God without the verbal introduction of self as a believer of God?
The word of God should be approached as a mirror continually to be addressing or re-addressing self and live life according to God’s command.
In this wicked world, the written word of God is also like a compass that is available for all man to engage as instruction and direction to arrive at God’s promises in the journey of life.
Mirror demands from its user to look into it for understanding to dress right while Compass demands learning for understanding to move forward in the journey of life.
The written word of God demands to look and learn to gain understanding.
Romans 15:4 buttresses, “For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope.”
Are you giving time to learn from the written word of God to learn and gain in His promise for the journey of life?
Pay attention to instruction and direction in the word of God’s word by following through in the journey of life.
Following the word of God will mark you as His disciple.
Disciple comes with discipline.
Discipline is keeping the word of God to obtain the promise of God.
Discipline is training that corrects, molds, or perfects man before God.
Dedication comes along with discipline.
It is HARD and can be harsh to maintain discipline.
Keeping journey with focus is discipline.
For all man, the journey of life is set to sail not to miss with the written word of God as a compass in place to direct and, as a mirror to be looking into for self-dressing or re-addressing self to be pleasing God.
Through the pages of the Bible, anyone with the desire to learn from documentation about such as Contentment, Covetousness, Complaint, Compromise, Commitment, Conscience, and Continuity will gain direction and be dressed in the written word of God not to become a victim of failure in the journey of life.
With the desire to live life by the word of God in the journey of life is with the evidence of disciplined to be focused on God continually, regardless of challenges of life.
Are you one with the desire to live life by pleasing God?
Do you have the desire not to be a failure and not arrive at the center of God’s divine assignment for your life?
In the journey of life, desire with prayer, to live life for the glory of God.

Prayer for today: Ask God that you will not walk out of His word to miss His mercy that endures forever.

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